Location, location, location

From our research and general knowledge of thriller, horror films we knew that they are mostly set in a normalised environment, this way the audience can relate to the film more and thus get more scared as the horror takes place in a ‘normal’ setting. Therefore we thought the best location for the film to be set in is a house. We used three main rooms of the house in our film, the bedroom- where the film starts as the girl is getting ready to go out, this way our victim is already in a vulnerable state. The living room- which holds the escape for our victim as it has the back door in. Finally the kitchen- the room in which our killer gets his weapons from and where the main action takes place as our victim gets drugged and threatened with a knife. Another important location we used was the boot of a car, this is way our victim ends up and it enabled us to test out different camera shots which implies to the audience she is dead/ about to be killed. 


The bedroom 


The living room 



The kitchen 



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