Our first group project ..

For our first collaborative project we were given the freedom to choose whatever genre we wanted with whatever plot we wanted, in order to produce a three minute film. Straight away our group decided we wanted our genre to be thriller, horror this would of also been my first choice if i was making the decision alone as horror films are my main passion. Our first ideas were rough and not very specific, we wanted this as then as we progressed in our making of the film the storyline could be easily adaptable.

Our first ideas were these . . .

* 2 people walking (girl and man) walking the street/around house (constant switching)

* man seen under lampost

* shes getting ready while hes approaching house

* girl looks in mirror/back and forth/suddenly down/on phone

* reflection of clown in window/garden

* girl gets dragged by feet (POV) – screaming

* boot shuts / flashes of clown face

strengths: uses 3 mins well in suspense , captivating, allows lots of use of sound so aids creativity, uses conventions of thrillers so easy to identify and follow

weaknesses: not original , cliché


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