Storyboard ideas

We then started to develop our ideas, thinking about different camera shots we could use, what soundtracks we had in mind, a more specific narrative . . . 

Beginning scene: Girl dancing in bedroom

  • Phone rings, talks to friend, name appears on screen
  • Continues to get ready to song
  • Feet appear outside, muffled song
  • Hears something, investigates, goes to answer door
  • Lets dog in
  • Walks away, clown visible from back door
  • Goes back upstairs, close up of feet
  • Clown appears at bottom of stairs
  • Girl comes back down, locks back door
  • Heads for front door, clown attacks from behind
  • POV shot of girl dragged across floor
  • Dragged to kitchen
  • Reaches for knives
  • Goes to stab, scream, black
  • Still black, hear sounds
  • POV shot, blinking
  • Tries to escape, clown seen in reflection, turns around

End scene:

“To the Shock of Miss Louise”- ending music. 


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