Analysis post for 260mc; Analysis

I am going to do an analysis into our first production, the brief of which was to create a three-minute short film on whatever we wanted. We went with the horror genre as it was one most familiar to all of us, and similar to prior productions we had created. I myself was especially keen on the genre as horror movies are one of my passions and a genre that made me realise the impact media can have on society, this realisation ultimately led to my reasoning for choosing this course. Within our film we stuck to generic codes and conventions from horror films, we followed Propp’s characters roles theory by representing our victim as the princess; a damsel in distress or something the needs rescuing. Our second character also fits into Propp’s roles as he is shown as the villain; someone who takes the princess, in our case he takes her and kills her. However as our short film only consisted of these two characters the rest of the roles could not be fulfilled. We followed the conventions of a horror by representing our characters in this way, we stuck to the traditional innocent female victim unaware of her fate and unable to defend herself against her killer. Whilst our killer is shown to be a mysterious, unmerciful character with no explanation behind his cruel actions. However within our film we also wanted to follow the “same but different theory” in the sense that we wanted our film be less cliché and more inventive. We did this by combining the horror and thriller genres, we wanted the clown; murderer to be shown as almost a figment of the victim’s imagination therefore gets the audience wondering whether he is real or if the victim herself is experiencing illusions and its all in her mind. This way we have moved from just a generic horror and added psychological elements into our film as well, creating a more inventive and engaging story for our audiences. We created this by showing the clowns face focusing in and out of the camera as he teases her with a knife, and making his presence blurred, I believe this worked well as its on of the most tense parts of the film. We filmed quick shots of him in multiple different locations around the house, tied in with quick edits this gives off the impression to the audience that he is everywhere, the victim cannot escape him. I believe by adding these elements to the film we moved away from the traditional horror and instead ended up with something much more creating and interesting. 


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