Analysis post for 260mc; Aspects I am enjoying most about this course (other)

I am enjoying this course for many reasons, I believe so far it has been mentally and practically engaging and stimulating. I have found the lectures not only interesting but educational as well, I feel I am growing in being a media producer every day. Most days have been a challenge as we have been set tasks that require time and dedication but I believe I have performed well in a group and individually to each assignment that has been set for me. With concerns to the theory aspect to the course I feel that it has been built well with the knowledge I already had from studying media a-level, a lot of the theories I knew and had learnt before but since studying here this knowledge has been expanded on and gone into much more detail. I mostly enjoy the carousal sessions as they give you enough time to be set and produce a task but not so long that you then loose focus. The practical skills sessions is what I would say I find most difficult as all the equipment was an alien subject to me before joining Coventry university. However even though for me personally they are a challenge I am still thoroughly enjoying them, I’m being shown how to operate equipment I’ve always wanted to use and getting the chance to use it in my own personal productions. I can’t wait until I will be able to use these pieces of equipment well and professionally bring all of my ideas to life. Being on this course has only fuelled my passion for media and the industry further, and I believe as the weeks and terms continue my passion and enthusiasm will only increase as I learn more about how to become a media producer and about the hold that the media has on us all as society. 


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