Analysis post for 260mc; Evaluation and Reflection – Evidence making conclusions and describing how you have reached those conclusions and their impact on your future work.

Within this first term I have found it difficult at times to keep pace with the practical side of the course. From learning about the cameras, to the sound recording and photography I have found it all slightly overwhelming. However I believe I have rose to the challenge as within each skills session I have always given 100% with testing out the equipment and listening when being taught how to use them. I have also had to do research into the cameras myself; such as watching and taking notes from Bex’s videos on CU bricki in order to try and become more familiar with how they operate. From my show reel, I believe I am slowly getting more used to them, and eventually I will feel more confident when shooting alternative shots as at the moment I feel I can’t as I’m too concerned with trying to get a shot accurate and clear. For a first attempt at using the cameras on my own I believe I did well to get all the technical different shots that I did, however over all I believe that with a lot more practice with the cameras I could execute a task like this a lot better and more creatively. As a whole from reflecting where I was when I first started this course I believe I have come a long way, I’ve always got stuck into all the practical and theory side of our lectures and lessons and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I believe in order to further myself more I need to have a lot more hands on experience with the cameras and using the editing software in order for my confidence to increase when using them. I believe after this my work will improve dramatically and become much more creative as at the moment I feel I am holding back with some of my ideas as they feel too risky.


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