Analysis post for 260mc; Process/ Development – Evidencing progression and change.

Since beginning this course I believe I have developed my learning and understanding of the media massively. When starting the course my only knowledge was from doing Media GCSE and Media A- level therefore all of my knowledge was theory and the analytical side of media. I had created few practical pieces of media and when I had didn’t have any where near as good of equipment as I have here. The only technical equipment I had to practice with, at sixth form was a handheld camera, and this is why I believe most of my development throughout the start of this course has been practical. At first playing around with the cameras felt like a very daunting task, however since being apart of many different productions, with all different types of genre and creations to do I believe I am becoming a lot more familiar with the use of them. Within our first production we produced a 3 minute short film in the genre of horror; one of my passions and favourite genre of film. Our film rated third throughout the entire group and for a first effort at creating our own ideas I felt we did extremely well. Within the production of this we all shared ideas and came up with the narrative as a group effort, our ideas bounced off each other and we soon become clear and set with our narrative. As our genre was horror and the film included a psychopathic clown our inspiration for the film with the classic horror “IT”. We used many conventions of horror such as the victim being unaware of their fate and the audience being informed of where the murderer is before the victims themselves find out. This is a successful exercise in order to create tension, as the audience are hinted that something bad is about to happen they are just not sure exactly what yet, resulting in their own imagination doing most of the scaring for them. Within the production and the practical side of our film “the watcher” I was responsible for recording sounds for our soundscape. This consisted of recording dialogue, making different noises such as simple things like footsteps down a set of stairs to more difficult sounds to impersonate such as being hit with a shovel. This was a process of trail and error in order for us to create a successful, believable and natural soundscape. When first starting this course I would have not been able to use a recorder such as I did, create my own show reel using the cameras that I did and use the editing software I currently have been doing. I believe my practical skills have improved massively and although I am not yet fully confident with all of the equipment available to me I am very enthusiastic and excited about the day I will be. 


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