Research post for 260mc; Research – Evidencing what research you have done, how this has impacted on your character/story.

One of the projects that caused us to do most research was my most recent production, the 72 hour challenge to create a documentary. Prior to being given this task we had researched into all different types of narrative surrounding the genre of documentaries. When being given our task it was selected for us that our sub-genre of documentary would be structured reality, this I believe is one of the hardest sub-genres to replicate as it isn’t one of the standard forms of what most people perceive to be a documentary. We researched into most common structured reality documentaries such as ITV’s “The Only Way Is Essex” and Channel 4’s “Made In Chelsea”, we decided collectively to study these two in detail, as currently they are both so popular. From our research we found out many useful conventions we had to follow, such as fast paced editing between alternative shots, heightened exposures, and upbeat music to reflex the drama taking place in the scene. This research helped us hugely with structuring our narrative and keeping us on pace with the task. We also had to do further research in order for our documentary to fit the theme of fashion and for our audience of new mothers to be correctly addressed. We did this by researching into the channel 4 documentary series “The Sex Education Show, Stop Pimping Our Kids”, this documentary took the form of a similar narrative we wanted, in the sense that both address the issue of children’s clothing being too provocative. Researching into this show helped us a lot as it confirmed for us that this would be a successful route to take. After further research into this show we also learnt that as the show had explicitly named and shamed the retailers they believed were selling indecent clothing that the show themselves then later got sued. Therefore from this we knew not to mention any retailer’s names when filming. As a group we also did research into statics about children, clothing and body image in order for our documentary to be more engaging and informing for our audiences. We then between shots put in facts and statics such as 92% of teenage girls are not happy with their bodies to shock our audiences into the reality of this pressing issue. I believe the research stage of this task was one of the most useful to us as it was our main inspiration and helped us stay on track. 


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