Film review of “World War Z”

Recently I watched a film titled World War Z, directed by Marc Forster and published in June of this year (2013). The film starts with a seemingly perfect family living their day to day lives, until this is all disrupted when they are taking a car journey and forced to leave behind their belongings and run for their lives. There has been a virus outbreak and its vastly sweeping all countries killing many in the the process. The virus causes humans to transform into a zombie like state, hungry for human flesh. United Nations employee Gerry Lane (father/husband) is forced to fight for the survival of humanity, the film very much follows Todorov’s theory of equilibrium; the perfect family we saw at the start of the film, dis-equilibrium; when the outside force of the zombie virus outbreak disrupts their lives, new-equilibrium; the end of the film offers to the viewers a new altered view of equilibrium. Although i enjoyed the film it was very conventional to the other million zombie films i have seen before, unfortunately it doesn’t offer any different features to these. It does offer however a shock factor, although the film not categorically classed as a horror it has the ability to make audiences jump as their are a lot of unexpected scenes such as a zombie attack on a plane full of passengers, this was one of the main attractions I had for the film. Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) embarks on a quest to save humanity, he has lots of unexpected delays and challenges as he tries his best to find a weakness in the zombies that are posing a threat to his life, his families and the rest of the world.


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