First projects, assignments and feedback

I’ve just recently received feedback on my first marked pieces of coursework that count towards my course. For the first assignment I completed I got 52%, normally this would be a disappointing grade for me however, this is my first essay i’ve done since starting my course and now after some reflection I feel this is a satisfying first mark. At the time of writing the essay we were also given a time limit to complete it within just a week, a time scale I am not used to as usually I am a person that likes to take the time and effort in their work, creating and rewriting until I am happy with the end result. 

The second piece of marked coursework I received was an assignment set where we were graded on a presentation we created and assessed on our blogs so far. The presentation didn’t go as well as I would have hoped, this is due to lack of preparation due to the stress my group was feeling from having to complete the marked essay at the same time. Although my blog brang my mark that probably would of been very poor, higher due to the work I had reflected on and blogged about. Overall my mark for the two came to 49%, again something I feel isn’t the best reflection of the work I could achieve, however its always good to leave room for improvement, especially when i have the whole of this year left and then two more years until I complete my course. 


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