Christmas Task 1


Brief: Talk to people you thin you know and find out something you didn’t know about them before (fears dreams etc)

I choose to do an interview with my sisters husband, Tim. We decided to talk about his career life as I knew him quite well but only as my sisters husband not on a more personal level. He told me that he is dong a training programme at work, almost half way through it, hopes to see it through and graduate and he will be a qualified probation officer. Fears involve the possibility of him failing, and as he progresses more intensive more tricky situations, works with people that have committed offences, in some extreme cases murder and rape. Therefore more things could go wrong however enjoys that this will be more challenging.
From doing this exercise I have learnt that prior to having this kind of interview where you are investigating someone it is important to have much preparation before starting. It is important to put the person you are talking to at ease and make them feel comfortable then they will feel more confident when talking to you and consequentially tell you more about themselves.


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