Research into branding


Firstly I did research into Alfred Hitchcock as a media producer, I decided to choose him as his film Physco is one of my favourite films and a classic horror. Not only this but the work that he produced has allowed others to be inspired, me just being one even years after the film was first created. I believe you can see much of Hitchcock’s work being reflected in the modern horror films of today.

Throughout all the photos he has posed for he always presents himself in a suit, making everything about him seem professional to his audiences. He is hardly ever shown smiling but instead always shown to be very serious, this represents him as a hard working man, not to be taken lightly. his stern look could also be used to reflect his specialised genre, horror, if he instead was shown smiling and laughing people may not take his films as seriously. Hitchcock is a very well respected man in the filming industry and the photos taken of him present this.

The colouring of his photos, and most of his work such as advertisements for films are mostly always black and white, with the occasion of red. This is to add to the horror theme of his work and to be in keeping with his specialised genre.


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