Creating my own brand

bernie sis pro


Brief: Unify your web presence; develop an online identity for you/your productions or your ‘brand’. This should be in the form of a logo or a header you use to decorate your blog and should be prominently displayed on your blog.

Initially when given the brief I knew straight away I wanted my online presence to be in the Gothic style as my main passion for films is horror, I wanted my header to be illustrated as dark in order to reflect this.
I then started to test out a few ideas I had, and make a few different ones in order to have a variety I could pick one, this was just a first idea, I wanted to keep it quite simple as from my research I learnt that less is more.
I played around with the colouring, brightness and contrast in order to get the correct effect I want, I was pleased with this as a draft but it isn’t the one i eventually choose. I believe that my my final outcome was both a good mixture of depicting my passions of film and keeping the brand professional. The main obstacle was getting the correct font as i found most of them to be amateur like and to take away from the brands professionalism rather than add to it. This is why in the end i choose a simple bold black font as this is simple and classic.


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