“can I make a film about you?”


Research, produce and present your idea entitled “PEOPLE TO PEOPLE” in the form of a three-minute factual film.

Your story must be a profile of an individual (or group of people) who live or work in your local area. The people you select to make a video about MUST NOT be other students.  Your research must be original and you will be working hand in hand with your subject to make a compelling film. It can be based around one of three themes:

  • Working lives
  • People’s passion
  • History

For this assignment I decided to do research into religion, many of my family have been involved with religious paths, growths and experiences. All of their stories are unique and equally as interesting, this way I can get different personal accounts of how religion has affected their lives. Most of my family believe in God however have later in their lives decided to be re-baptised and follow strictly by the Bible’s teachings for different reasons. However all feel that after this experience they themselves have been transformed and their lifestyle for the better. My documentary will look at each of their experiences and opinions on religion and what it meant to them and what it means to them now during the present day, following how faith has changed their way of life.

ems wedding

(picture taken at my sisters wedding in November)


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