People to people treatment

For my documentary production I have decided to base the narrative on my sister (Emma). The story will follow her religious journey, my family have always been religious but only recently has Emma become a devoted Christian, as has my dad and other sister (Erin). The narrative will contain a personal account of their experiences and how faith has changed their lives. The documentary will mainly be focused on Emma as she went through the biggest change spiritually, it will look at how her life changed from being so negative to so positive within such a short space of time. The documentary will also show footage of the church they attend, representing how enthusiastic all of the members there are. At the time my sister first decided to be devoted to god she was going through a really rough stage in her life, she had split from her partner and was made to move away from where they had made a home together and leave her job as it wasn’t local enough to her home town. My sister wasn’t functioning as a human, she wasn’t eating. sleeping, her life had been torn apart. No one knew if she would ever be the same person she once was. Until one day she went to a local church, and came back with the personality and spirit she once had. From her experience she believes that God transformed her life for the better and my documentary will prominently be footage of Emma and her thoughts and feelings, a much more personal one to one account about her story. As the documentary is 3 minutes long I also think it would be possible and more interesting to see my other sister Erin, and my dads view on religion and how it changed their lives also. Therefore my documentary can look at different stories and show how faith can change people in different ways, showing a range of different footage, keeping it interesting for the viewers to watch. I believe this kind of documentary would interest a lot of people, both religious and non-religious. The film for the non-religious would cater for them in an educational way and for the religious would be a way to embrace their faith. I believe this would be a successful documentary as many people are often intrigued and curious by others religious and spiritual life experiences.


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