The Big Pitch



When five uni students decide to go on a summer camping holiday things start to unravel and their friendship is pushed to extreme lengths in this nightmare break.  The students fight for their lives as they are tormented and tortured by the unseen sights of the dark forest.


After their first year of uni over with a tight group of friends decide they need to unwind and relax with a camping trip. They do what they do best when they party and drink long into the night, except this time they have gone one step too far. When out going, hard to control Brad brings LSD to the party they all are keen to join in on the action. However disoriented and alone they soon figure out this isn’t the holiday they were prepared for. The students soon find themselves in danger as they start to loose members of the group, stuff goes missing from their camp and unusual markings start to appear on their bodies. The group try to fight back against these supernatural happenings however one by one, they start to vanish.  Can they survive or is it their own minds they are trying to save themselves from?


The film would be shot entirely within the woods, meaning the money used on settings and locations would be minimal. Compare this film with the similar set up the film “The Blair Witch Project”, it has the potential to be made on a small budget with a short timeframe to work with and still earn lots of money. This means that not only will the film be marketable for its storyline it will also be valued for it’s low budget costing, producers also want to invest little money but still make a big profit.  As the horror film industry is very stereotypical I have stuck by these conventions as this way there is a big market for this film, making more producers interested in it as it is more likely to make money as there is already a wide audience interested in this type of film.


British horror film festival: Bournemouth,  Dorset, UK

Abertoir Horror Festival: Aberystwyth, UK

Bram Stoker International Film Festival: Whitby, England

Other horror film festivals are all based in USA


( 5 university students)

Brad: the out going, tough guy who can’t be controlled

Tom: Brad’s side kick who will go along with what ever he says to keep him happy

Will: the clown of the group who tries to impress everyone through his jokes

Jill: the party animal who is secretly obsessed by Brad and will stop at nothing to impress him

Sarah: looks up to Jill in every way and which she was just as pretty as more like her

I have chosen these characters as their personalities and dependancy on each other reflects the urge for young adults to cave into peer pressure when drinking and drugs are involved.


Comparable titles


‘The Blair Witch Project” (1999)

Cost to make: $22,000

Cost earnt: $240.5 million


“Shrooms” (2007)


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