My Poetic Eyes- Bernadette Sismey

Brief: produce a film poem of one-minute duration using only web based archive material and a written personal narrative/poem reflecting on national and international events.

I decided to do my video on immigration as it is something i feel very passionate about and something I believe most people need to change their attitude towards. My main inspiration for this stemmed from the place where I grew up, Peterborough is a very multicultural place and I see a lot of hostility because of this. Many British people believe that immigrants are “stealing” jobs that are rightfully theirs. However in many cases it is in fact immigrants doing the hard labour, long hours, minimum paid jobs that British people don’t want to do such as working in fields and factories. These people are earning more of an honest living than many British people that are living off the government, from benefits. Many of which are claiming money for disabilities that they don’t have, committing fraud scamming the system so they can sit at home all day. Many programmes have bought this issue to light such as “Benefit street”, “How to get a council house” and “On benefits and proud” to name just a few, however the issue still stands and the government are reassessing many in order to find out how really deserves it but it is still currently a huge problem for Britain.

I believe I effectively communicated this message to my audience, I enjoyed putting this piece together and am happy with the outcome.


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