Retelling of a classic story

I originally took the idea from Beauty and the Beast but then modernised it, I believe today’s society and current media believe all girls should look perfect, which they have created to be a superficial unrealistic view of women. I wanted my video to reflect this, by twisting the gender roles from the original storyline I believe I have achieved this.

The media present most desirable females to be perfectly proportioned, beautiful photoshopped women. The message sent out to its audiences is that unless you look like these females you cannot be beautiful yourself. This is creating a massive impact in particularly on teenage girls as the younger generation has a vastly increasing need to grow up. Girls are dressing more provocative and unsuitable clothing for their age, more and more girls feel self-conscious about there weight when they have no need to, in some extreme cases leading to having eating disorders.

Although my video shows a girl who gets noticed through having superficial items such as make up and hair extensions, I wanted to use this in an extreme and explicit way to show what the media is ultimately doing, the only difference is its unconscious and implicit to the viewer.

I also wanted to present to the viewer how easily it is for victims in schools to get cyber bullied by so many online, bullying has become a bigger issue since the internet as it allows bullies to humiliate people publicly.

Although I have completely changed the story from the original the moral of the story is still there; that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


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