Developing a narrative- treatment


Edward wakes up in a mental ward, confused of how he got there and certain of his innocence and sanity he escapes. He is in a place unfamiliar to him where no one seems to know his identity, and even he himself has no recollection of how he got to this strange town and ended up in a mental hospital of all places. As Edward tries to lay low in a hotel and gather his last memories he goes on a search to find out who he truly is what actions he must of taken to get himself into this situation. His last memory is of him and his girlfriend just buying a house together and moving in happy as can be, these flashbacks torment him as he remembers a much happier time of his life. Edward also keeps having vivid nightmares of being back in hospital, where people are sedating him as he pleads for his innocence, strapping him down to beds and keeping him locked up. All of these thoughts run through his mind and he can’t understand how everything could of changed for the worst so drastically. As his journey continues he starts to fill in the missing planks, but will finding out who he really is be too much to handle?


The first setting for the film will be a really erie looking mental ward, nothing modern but all old equipment, this will be to add to the creepiness of the film. The main setting will be the town that Edward finds himself in, the town should be rural, and again look dated, like no one has been there for years. The hotel that Edward stays in would too be dated, old and grotty, no appliances should work properly.

However the scene for the flashback of Edward and his girlfriend should be perfect. Everything about the house they are moving into will be pristine, white and modern.

This way the contrast will be more brutal making the audiences feel even more sympathy towards Edward.


Edward: good looking, normal guy, tall, dark hair, muscular, this way he will be a more likeable character and the audience will be on his side.

Edwards girlfriend: pretty, innocent, blonde, pure.

Everyone in the town: seemingly your average people, quiet rude and not wanting to help.

Doctors in hospital: weird, strange people.


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