People to people- starting the process

Within our group we discussed all three of our documentary ideas, we decided to go with Ben’s idea as it made much more sense for shooting as he lives in Coventry. I originally was passionate about my idea to go ahead, I thought my idea of how religion and faith can alter someone personal life would be a more engaging and interesting viewing for the audience. However my group did not think this would be as practical as it meant travelling to get the footage, therefore as my group contains three people it was decided that my idea would not go ahead.

Ben informed us about the research he had done so far, this mainly consisted of looking at theImage

simply gym website, as we knew this was a genuine place where we could find out feel facts, for example Simply Gym is a fairly new business and that Simply Gym’s first club was established in Cheltenham in 2011 and now they have a chain of 8 different clubs around the country.

Ben also had good knowledge of the gym and them as a company as he had previously worked there, therefore with looking in their website and Ben’s inside knowledge we felt we had plenty to go on to start filming. As we knew how important it was to research into the chosen topic of documentary prior to filming.


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