People to people

Unfortunately I could not make it to the shooting of the production due to personal matters, however I am very pleased with the outcome of the footage. The interview with Sarah I believe came out particularly well, the three point lighting used with the red head lights makes the shot look professional and well constructed. This is a very important part of the documentary so getting this right was crucial. The storyboard made was helpful as this would then be used as a guide for the structure. The questions prepared for Sarah herself were also helpful as this gave her focus on what to talk. This way the interview went in the right direction we wanted it in and therefore the footage was useful.

It was important for there to be varied shots of individuals working out as this appealed to the visual side of the documentary and is the main thing that keeps the audience interested. I believed by team achieved this and feel that when it comes to editing the story this should be a main focus we work around.

I plan to be a big part of the editing to make up for my unavailability of me being on the shoot, editing is also the stage of filming I enjoy the most therefore will be beneficial for me to be apart of. I am looking forward to the finished outcome of this project.


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