Critical Reflection


The first task we were set during this module was to create a brand for our productions as media students, this way all work made by us will be recognisable. I decided to incorporate my passions into this so it would reflect the work I make, my passion within film is horror. I instinctively decided to do my primary research into one of my most influential and looked up to filmmakers, Alfred Hitchcock. From this I learnt that he presents himself as a person to be very serious, professional and stern this being in keeping with the films he has made, neither of which should be taken light heartedly. All photos I found of him were shown in a grungy dark black and white effect with him never smiling, how horror filmmakers I believe should present themselves to their audiences. Therefore although in my brand I did not want to identify myself I wanted to carry on this theme. I choose to create my logo to be simple, as I believe this is most effective and professional. The final outcome is a good mixture of both depicting my passion of film and subtly. The main obstacle was getting the correct font as I found most to be amateur like, this is why in the end I decided on a simple black font, to keep the look classic. Other productions I would compare it to are successful companies such as Paramount and Columbia, they are similar in the way that the main focus is a scenic shot in the background of the title, I really liked the idea of this and so choose my photograph to be a picture of a lake. I believe that I have developed my skills in Photoshop through this project however, I think that with a lot more experience with the software itself I could of created something much more professional. As when looking at globally recognisable branding such as McDonalds and Cocacola, their approach is much different in the sense that they use bold, colourful effects. “The key to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.” In terms of Coca-Cola they have all of these areas covered, for my brand I believe I could improve on my authenticity and accountability.



When given the task I knew I wanted to create something to do with my main area of passion for films, horror. I combined what I believe to be some of the best horror chase scenes in the history of filming, I gathered footage from a range of different centuries in order to cover the development of the genre. The footage dates back to the 1980’s and ranges as modern as 2010. I found this task very useful for my own personal development as it enabled me to have to use software I never had before. Such as having to download YouTube clips through an online piece of software. I found it quite difficult to gather as much footage as I would of liked was not avaliable as the movies I had chosen are quite old there was not much variety, this meant that some of the clips I put in were not of the quality I would of liked, such as the Texas chainsaw massacre, 1987 chase scene. I also found this task beneficial for my development as I had to use editing software in order to complete it, I choose to use “imovie” as I am most familiar with this, I now feel I am very confident when using this and can use it to a high standard. The main feature of this task is the message that I have created and sent to the audience, the main use of my remix was for entertainment purposes therefore commercial use. The piece is not interactive to the audience therefore does not offer a lot of involvement from them “Any hot medium allows of less participation”. As the remix is deemed as a short film and therefore classed as hot media, it requires less participation from its audiences as apposed to cold media, which is seen as an item such as a telephone.


Production pack

When given the task I knew straight away I was going to choose the horror genre, however I wanted to put a spin on it to make it slightly different and more interesting than your classic horror film. I decided to do a twist up between the two films “The Blair Witch project” and “Shrooms”. The overview is fairly simple; five uni students decide to go on a summer camping holiday things start to unravel and their friendship is pushed to extreme lengths in this nightmare break.  The students fight for their lives as they are tormented and tortured by the unseen sights of the dark forest. I found this task quite challenging, as you had to think of many aspects in order to cover what a producer does to make a film. This included thinking about subjects such as funding for the film and taking into account which film festivals would be interested in your production, something I had never truly researched into before. Therefore within this task I found that research was key, this included looking up things such as comparable titles funding and matching it with how much I thought my film would need for funding. Further research was needed for looking for appropriate film festival I would submit the work to, this was quite clear for me as certain festivals specialise in the field of horror such as Abertoir Horror festival in Aberystwyth, UK and British horror film festival: Bournemouth in Dorset. I found research was also needed in order to create a production pack look professional, for this I used “Monty Python’s Absolutely Anything” to mirror mine off.




We were set a task to follow a tragic love story narrative much similar to many examples such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and present it in a vine using ping pong balls naturally we wanted to make this light hearted and entertaining for our audiences. This was inevitable, as the task didn’t need too much depth as it was only allowed to be a short clip. Previously I had never created a vine so I found it useful to play around with the software before hand. This improved my development with the software and allowed me to make a better finished product. “Involving the audience and turning them into active participants; including interactive elements has been proven to increase audience engagement and interest” With this is mind we thought it would be of our benefit to include in our sketch the upcoming craze of the game “flappy bird”, although we have not involved our audience with interactive elements, we have played on the current interest of our audience therefore increased the audiences engagement.


Retelling of a classic story

My “wed 2.0” task was based around the story of Beauty and the Beast however I presented it in a modern media interactive way. I believe today’s society and current media believe all girls should look perfect, which they have created to be a superficial unrealistic view of women. I wanted my video to reflect this, by twisting the gender roles from the original storyline I believe I have achieved this. I found this task quite enjoyable as it gave me the chance to be creative and hopefully entertaining. It was however time consuming as I used different websites in order to not stick to one social networking site when presenting the story as I thought this would be dull. This then meant I had to use different generators and websites to try and piece the story together. All this considering I believe this was a fairly successful outcome as when presenting to my peers it received good feedback and many found it funny and entertaining. Within this task I wanted to present to my audiences just how extreme social networking can be and how much impact it has on today society. “One of the strongest tools in the low-budget film promotion arsenal has always been word of mouth – and with the rise of social networking.” Considering this proves just how effective social networking is, it is vastly becoming the lives of the younger generation, I wanted my web 2.0 task to reflect this.


Mozilla Popcorn task

When making my Mozilla popcorn task at first I found it a struggle to use as I was unfamiliar with the software. However I quickly learnt as the software isn’t at all complicated to use and doesn’t have many features to play around with. This is something I found to be quite frustrating as I could not be as creative as I would have liked to be with this task. For this reason I believe this task to be least successful throughout all tasks completed, as I felt limited with what I could manipulate and remix. However overall I fell confident with using the software even if I did not particularly like using it.



McLuhan marshall; understanding of hot and cold media; page 2

March 4, 2011  March 4, 2011

Playing the Crowd: A survey of production, distribution and promotion for indie filmmakers- Alex Barrett; 2010


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