People to people- editing

We felt it was important to show lots of different shots while the interview was playing, this way we had many visuals for the audience to focus on. The finished product I believed turned out well however if I would of been up to me alone I would of included more visuals as I believe certain parts of the interview went on too long. I also would of changed the start as its quite slow and sluggish but other than that I feel the finished product runs smoothly and is easy to watch. I liked how we added a blur to the pan and then focused into the title of “lie at the gym” I think this works smoothly and looks professional.
If it was allowed I would of also added upbeat music to get people into the gym pumped atmosphere, however this wasn’t allowed in this task. From feedback, we also learnt that we should of ran the interview on until the end before adding the credits as neither matched what was saying to what was onscreen, again I did not have the last say on the confirmation of this.
All in all the end production I feel runs smoothly and is an easy watch that engages the audience.

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