Comparing and Contrasting ‘loose women’ and ‘top gear’

Brief: Compare and Contrast 2 studio magazine programmes (Eg This Morning, The One Show, Top Gear, Loose Women, Lorraine, Daybreak, Blue Peter). Individual work.
The Presenters –  Why do you think they have been chosen to present the show?  What do they bring (that’s different or specific)? Why would the audience like them?
The Look – Consider how the set design, show colours and graphics work together. What is distinctive about the theme tune?
The Content – Consider how the content has been made to appeal to the target audience.
Second screening – What ways are used to invite the audience to join in?
What do you like and why? What would you change?
Think of one item idea that would work for each programme.
I have decided to compare and contrast ‘Loose women’ and ‘Top Gear’ as I believe these are the most different therefore there is the most to talk about in terms of contrasting the two.
Loose women
title-‘loose women’- already established their target audience in the title.
time-weekdays at 12:30- time that most people will be at work, most the audience at this time would be housewives. won multiple ‘best daytime tv programme’ awards.
presenters-total of 15 women, only ever have four on the panel in total all come from either the entertainment background or the journalism industry.
guests- every show have a special guest to come on, normally someone who in the spot light of the media at the time, to discuss how they are and what they are doing and whats to come etc. This style of chat show is very colloquial, which makes the show seem more personal, audience could almost feel as if they’re sat down with the guest having a chat. The target audience being housewives would like this style of presenting as it would make them feel more involved and like they’re apart of the show.
the look- 
loose women set
the studio set up is primary female colours, such as purples and light pinks. The backdrop has a kitchen like feel to it with vases and books as props. The set up is modern yet feminine, appealing directly to the target audience.
the content-   TV show, in which four “loose women” chat about news, issues and life in general, they normally show a number of star guests, and then will often have one of their guests do a performance for example; a live showing of a famous singer.  Appeals to the audience as the guest being interviewed and usually in the media at the time.  They will also have competitions that they will keep reminding the audience of throughout the show which viewers can get involved with and potentially win. This appeals to the audience as the prize will usually be money or a relaxing holiday which they will show a VT of, showing how luxurious the place is the winner would be staying in.
likes and dislikes- 
  • I like the style of presenting as it is very laid back, making the audience feel more apart of the topic of conversation, this way they can be more connected with the show.
  • I think this show is perfect for daytime tv as it would usually be women at home at this time, if the show was on at any other time I believe it would be less popular as women may not feel they are able to watch it due to their husbands/ children being home.
  • I also like how the presenters always manage to make the guests feel comfortable, this way they will share more about whats going on in their lives and the audience will get a more personal interview.
  • I dislike how the show doesn’t cater for both genders, it is very much focused around females often talking about issues men cannot relate to. Therefore i would change it by making it more open for both genders.
  • Some of the topics discussed can be too personal, some viewers may like this as women will be able to compare this to how they talk to their friends when they’re together. However sometimes I feel the chat can go too far.
Compared to ‘Top Gear’ 
title- ‘Top Gear’ again straight away the title is targeted at its audience, we automatically know the show will be about cars.
time- sunday 8pm, this is the perfect time for its intended audience of mainly male, sunday evening is when most working males choose to relax and prepare themselves for the monday coming.
presenters- Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, semi presenter; the Stig.
Like loose women they have an all one gender cast, only this time the presenters are male. This appeals to the audience as the majority of them will be male. Each presenter comes from the entertainment business and each brings a different spin on the show, they all bring comical aspects with them taking taking it in turns to insult each other.
guests- the show also has many guests come in that are currently in the media, the guests will race a new car they have been showing previously then the guest will compete to be put on a leader board where previous guests have raced and been timed. After this present and guest will have a sit down interview, keeping the tone light hearted and funny for its audiences.
the look- 
top gear studio top gear studio car
the studio has multiple different set ups, one is where the presenters will have a sit down interview with their guest that week, the other is where they will park the car in the studio and discuss the look, power and other features of it between the three of them. The studio has the logo of the show as the backdrop, which is a car tyre and the words ‘top gear’. This gives the audience recognition of the branding. The studio is again targeted to males, the colours are dark and the interior design simple. Much the opposite to the ‘loose women’ set, but similar with keeping to the target audience.
the content- the presenters will be set a task where all three of them will have to compete and try to win. The tasks will include driving and testing out different cars in a number of ways. Top Gear challenges are a segment of the ‘Top Gear’ television programme where the presenters are challenged by the producers, or by each other, to prove or do various things related to automobiles. The show will also include star guests coming onto the show, where the team of presenters will interview them, the guest will then compete in the celebrity car race and compete for a spot on the leader board. The show gets people from home into the studio for a live showing of the programme, this gives them a very personal account of what the show is really like.
likes and dislikes-
  • although ‘loose women’ is aimed at women and ‘top gear’ is aimed at men I personally prefer top gear.
  • i prefer the humour on the show, and believe the show caters more for both genders, this is proven by the live audience they have in the studio at the time.
  • i like the fact the show has challenges each week, this keeps their audience engaged and more likely to tune in next week as they want to see what the new challenge will be, because they have these humorous challenges both genders can appreciate the show.
  • the presenters of the show also give credit to the programme, we as an audience get to know each of the characters individually, we know Jeremy Clarkson for his dark humour, we know Richard Hammond is the go between guy he’s happy to help Jeremy make fun of James however he is also a victim of Jeremy’s humour at times, while James May is the victim of the three, used to make fun of.

After comparing and contrasting both ‘loose women’ and ‘top gear’ I have come to the conclusion that top gear makes its audience much more varied whilst loose women keeps their audience niche, both programmes are very successful however if loose women were a bit more open with their topics and set up of their show they could potentially gain many more viewers. 


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