Television module- deciding roles and content

Today was our last day with our third year mentors, I have found this module the most enjoyable so far and I believe having them as our mentors has contributed to this. I found it much easier to learn from the mentors, and felt it was a much more personal way of learning this module, as I felt I could ask them questions and for their assistance a lot easier. Today we decided which individual role everyone should have within our group. I believe we got through this task fairly easily as the communication between us as a group is strong. My allocated role within the group is producer, this is a role I feel comfortable with and would enjoy doing. It was only my first time doing this role today, however I feel that my strong communication skills will allow me to keep the show running smoothly. I am also confidant with approaching people therefore will be able to oversee everyones roles and if need be help when things go wrong. I also believe that my creative flair will help with the role when helping the director to choose camera shots etc, and this will help contribute to the vision of the show. As a group we have decided to book out the studio, gallery and equipment for thursday in order to continue with the task and make sure everyones confidence and skill builds in their individual role. We have also allocated roles in terms of who does what to help build up the content of the show. My role as producer include helping to film and create the VT’s for the show, I have said I feel confidant with the editing part of this process. I have also volunteered to help find entries into our competition section of the show, for us this will include a competition where viewers will send in a ‘weird and wonderful’ talent they have.. the weirder the better.


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