Axe or keep: Top Gear

I believe that we should keep Top Gear as a programme on BBC2. The programme has developed through out the years and become a major hit in Britain, attracting both males and females to watch. The show has come a long way since it first started, improving the set up of the show and what is included in it, creating a broader audience. Just one week ago Top Gear was rated 7th in the 10 most viewed table for the BBC, its tuning in more people than ever before, even people once not too keen on the programme are being converted; Its puerile, it’s silly, it’s schoolboy-pranksy and it’s probably morally wrong too. But it is undeniably funny I’m afraid, so much better than the usual studio shows.” – The Guardian. Many have had bad things to say about the show in the past but recently it seems to be winning over these viewers. During the launch of the new series in 2011 the first episode had more than 5 million viewers turn in on a sunday evening, this was more than ITV’s family fortunes reaching just 4.3 million. The population has since continued to grow as BBC announced it was the most viewed on its on-demand service; iPlayer in 2013. The programme however does not go without its complaints, however this is true for any television show as peoples views about what is acceptable to show on television and what is not are all unique. Over the years Top Gear has won multiple national tv awards, a BAFTA, an international emmy award and has been nominated for many others, this is solid proof that the majority of audiences are enjoying the show and appreciate what it brings to the BBC. Overall I believe that the show will continue and grow in success, as this is reflected in the widening audiences therefore the programme must be kept on the BBC as due to its popularity it would be foolish to axe it.


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