BBC3- axe or keep

BBC3 are currently in the news as the BBC has made an announcement that they wish to move the channel off air completely, the only access to the show would be online, this would help immensely with the BBC’s cut backs and supply the majority of Lord Hall’s £100m savings target by 2016. BBC says that although this is a major change for them it will not effect their audience ratings hugely as most shows are viewed online anyway due to the target audience being between the ages of 16 and 34. “Increasingly, it’s thought the youth audience are switching to accessing content online. They’re watching in their bedrooms and watching on tablet devices.” Therefore the main target audience in theory should not be affected. 

However a petition has been started to save the channel from closure, which has over 225,000 signatures as of 1 April 2014, the channel is due to be axed within the Autumn of 2015. 

Here are some celebrities that have backed a campaign to try to save the channel from going online-only, and here are their thoughts and opinions . . 

These were among the shows singled out by Little Britain star Lucas in a tweet proclaiming the channel to be “the home of new comedy and drama”.

His sentiments were echoed by comedian Jack Whitehall: “I really hope reports that the BBC may kill BBC3 are just rumours. Their support of new comedy in particular is vital.”

Comedian Russell Kane, who presents stand-up show Live At The Electric on BBC Three, said the channel “provides a vital part of the entertainment portfolio of the BBC”.

“It’s not necessarily a youth channel, but it is younger-skewed. I don’t see why it should be cut because people who are younger have quieter voices in the political process.”

BBC Three’s own Twitter feed also joined the protest, posting on Tuesday night: Who knew people love BBC Three more than pancakes?! Feeling loved. #SaveBBC3″.


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