Audience interaction- “This Morning”

Throughout the programme “this morning” the show is constantly focused on the audience at home. The presenters are repeatedly telling us how to get involved making us an active audience. The show will always have some kind of competition, they generally last a week or two and then after the selected period of time the winner will be announced, the competitions vary in what they give away but it will always involve a simple general knowledge question or even just a simple text message being sent into the show with the message being “win”. The typical cost of these competitions are £1, and the viewer will be shown all of what they could win in a VT with often a special celebrity guest presenting the prize. This isn’t the only way they involve their audiences however after ever ‘story’ shown on the programme they ask the audience to tweet their opinions on the matter and then after the story they read out a selected few viewers thoughts. The way throughout the show the audience are constantly reminded that they view and opinion matter to them. We also have replicated this is our show we requests to know opinions, and asking for videos to be sent in showing their weird and wonderful talents as the show is based around different kinds of talents. I think this is a really successful way of growing your audience as the audience then feel more apart of the show and it becomes a lot more of a personal show to them, and the use of online media has made audience interaction much easier.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 19.10.50                         Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 19.40.13


Here is a page on their website where they have uploaded viewers videos sent into the show, the show on this day had a story on “Britain’s got Talent”, therefore they wanted viewers to send in videos of their talents, much like we do in our television broadcast. The photo of the right is also on the website where, the co presented “Jeff” reads out all the tweets picked by This Morning to show on the programme and the title is captioned “Jeff wants to hear from you” carrying on the theme of audience interaction into their website.


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