BBC3- axe or keep argument

Personally I would argue for the BBC to keep BBC3 on air as a television channel, I myself watch BBC3 daily and feel it would be a real shame to axe the channel. I believe the show is extremely successful in targeting its intended audience, of 15-34 year olds, as myself a 19 year old will often switch onto the channel and 9/10 won’t have to switch viewing as whatever the programme is will interest me. I believe that many would be affected by the change however when looking at the bigger picture with how fast technology is moving it may not be a devastating change for the BBC to only allow viewing online as for many this is most likely their preferred method of viewing anyway. I don’t feel that it would drastically change the viewing rates and in regards to the BBC needing to save £100 million maybe this is the best way of them getting that big sum of money. I do feel it would sadden many viewers if the channel were to be canceled however the viewers of the show would have the dedication and knowledge (as their a younger audience) to watch the channel and programmes of their choice online. Overall I feel that although it isn’t an ideal move for the BBC to make it in the long run would not make a huge impact on the BBC as a company therefore if it is what they need to do due to their cut backs in the grand scheme of things they should axe the channel.


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