Rehearsals this week

This week has been our most productive yet we’ve managed to get both VT’s filmed and one is already edited, get the graphics sorted, with music to go with it. Set up both Facebook and Twitter pages for the show, and get the credits done for the ending of the programme. I’m really pleased with how everything is looking so far and really feel like everything is starting to fall into place. We had a 6 hour rehearsal slot in the television studio which I believe helped us lots too has we all need to practice our roles lots. Unfortunately not everyone turned up to these rehearsals despite the fact I had booked everything out we needed and posted on the Facebook wall just how important this was for us. However we still managed to get lots of work done without their help. I feel like the members that are participating are really jelling well together and I am starting to feel more confident about having our live Broadcast.


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