Research TV websites- “This morning”


This lay out of the website is very similar to a blog, its a simple background with all the information centred on the page. It is very easy to navigate round as everything has a clear title, the white/grey background makes the website nice to look at as its bright but also easy on the eyes. The banner at the top of the page gives the site a bit more of a personal feel without it looking too busy and messy. The banner also has a clear label of the title of the show, using the font used for the sequence used within the programme, this is ITV using brand reinforcement. In regards to the content of the information it shows teasers of whats coming up next in future shows, this way viewers will read this and hopefully be eager to learn more therefore will turn into the show. It also shows you what past shows have included with photos of the show in action.


The shows navigation is controlled by the bar of different pages you can click on at the top. Where for each different story on the show you can find a page with more information on. For example the “Food” page will show you all the recipes and instructions on how to make the food a special celebrity chef made on the show in the kitchen that day. That way viewers can try for themselves the meal that was shown on the show. Where as if the viewer were to click on the “Style and Beauty” page they would be taken to all the style tips shown that day, and all the outfits show on the catwalk that day with information on where they can buy these clothes from and how much it will cost them. They also have interactive videos where they will take you  step by step on how to create a hair do for example or any other beauty tips.

There is also a “Hot Topics” page where highlights from the show are discussed and shows footage/ photos of. Throughout every article on the website at the bottom there is always options to “Tweet” or “Share on FaceBook” this is constantly reinforcing audience interaction with the viewer and a good way of making the website more personal to them.

Overall the website is very viewer friendly, the layout is clear and the functional uses of the website are easy to use, the viewer is able to use the website in a variety of ways in order to suit them, I believe this is a very successful website and would like to replicate something similar when creating my own.


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