south-bank-skate-park(London, Southbank legal graffiti)

  • my idea is to do a documentary on both legal and illegal graffiti in London
  • for this production I would travel around London, specifically Southbank and look at all the different types of street art
  • I would also get the general publics opinions on street art and whether they think it should be allowed? do they like it? and whether if there were more places where it was legal would it cut down the crime rate for illegal graffiti?
  • Not only would I interview the general public but also local graffiti artists and see what their opinions are, whether more places like southbank are a good idea or will crime continue as its the risk and danger that attracts people to graffiti.

vandalism  londongraf

  • In the research I did for this project I found this documentary exploring something similar to what mine would be
  • My documentary would be closely like this one but more focused on the legal side of it too and whether it would be possible to only allow legal graffiti to happen within London and England, and looking at graffiti as an art itself.


  • I would then focus on the different views on graffiti, how some is seen as art and how some is seen as a crime
  • Banksy would be my main focus for this, how he is known as an artist not a thug and how his painting have made millions by copies being made on postcards, canvas’, greetings cards and many more. Yet other graffiti is seen as vandalism and ugly, and how fair is it to pick and choose when graffiti is art and when it is not.
  • I would want to make the documentary fast paced with cut shots from graffiti to peoples opinions(both graffiti artists and the gerneral publics) to Banksy’s work. I would end the documentary by creating a montage of all the different graffiti shown in the documentary, both legal and illegal and record a voice over to put on top rounding up the points made my the public. Then having my view by saying that I think all graffiti is art and without art all we have is dull grey concrete buildings and that would be a very boring sight.

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