Demonstrate an understanding of the specific impact of different media forms and methods of delivery and the effect these have on media production practice

Within our Television production it was very important that we had different media forms such as social media within our show. Social networking and the internet has impacted the way that TV shows and films publicise their products. In the modern world social networking is a major part of both teenagers and young adults lives, because we has used this age group for our target audience it was very important that we incorporated this type of media into our show. Social media has changed the way that TV shows tell their stories and content, with constant referrals to the audience having their say, this is the media’s subliminal way of getting their audience to be active. Upmost it is the main way of getting audience interaction within the show, many TV shows such as “This Morning” want to hear what the public have to say this is why the presenters tell the audience to either Tweet or Facebook their thoughts after one of their stories, often at the end they will then read out some of the comments, this way the audience will develop a much more personal relationship with the show. We wanted to replicate this as much as possible in our show this is why after every story we told our audience to Tweet or Facebook us, we even let the audience decide the activity chosen for the next presenter challenge. It is important to have an active audience and I believe we were successful with creating one.


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