Demonstrate your engagement with the creative critical process throughout this module and chart the development of one or more of your ideas

One of my main ideas I brought to the group was the VT where we created a ‘Presenter Challenge’. I had previously seen something similar on the TV show “Sweat The Small Stuff” this was also a main point of their show and believed it worked really well and engaged the audience with the presenters and thought we should try and replicate something similar in ours. We did this by having our interviewer and dancer Jess teach the presenters a dance routine it would then be up to our guest to decide who’s video would be chosen creating anticipation for the audience as to what one would be shown. As producer I felt I had a main role in making this happen and getting it to work as I was apart of all the pre-production, production(filming) and post-production(editing) of this task. The main focus was the build up to this VT, we got Peggy to dance to the rocky theme tune in preparation for the challenge and I believe this worked really well in creating the right atmosphere. This was also an idea I got from sweat the small stuff as they also build up to the challenge by having each competitor psych themselves up before competing. We then put our own take on this idea by creating the VT into a dance routine where the audience at home could follow, we did this by including the easier steps from the dance and have a step by step guide written on the screen of the dance movements. Overall I feel this part of the show came out really well and engaged the audience the most as they too could take part.


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