Personal reflection and evaluation of the module

Overall this module has been my favourite throughout my entire first year within the media production course. I felt that this module has pushed me in terms of how much I contribute within group environments and allowed me to develop myself as a media producer the most. I believe that this was mostly because of my role, being the role of producer meant that I had a huge responsibility and commitment to the group. This helped me really get involved with every task we created, I worked really hard and often was really stressed but I still enjoyed every minute of it. I’d never put as much time or effort into any other module before this and I am very much looking forward to developing my skills within this field further in my second year. The module has also taught me a lot about team work and how important it is that everyone pulls their weight. Within the production we were reliant on everyone to turn up to rehearsals as everyone had a role that needed to be done in order for the show to work, even though this didn’t always happen as certain people would not turn up we still made it work as a team and did the best with what we could within every rehearsal. This module has helped me develop my professional, organisational, and leadership skills, overall I am happy with the outcome of our TV show, however it was not perfect. If i had the chance to redo this module I would spend more time perfecting and editing the VT’s we produced as they weren’t quite to the standard I would of liked and also spent more time dressing the set. However again these imperfections were due to certain team members not pulling their weight and we had to do the best within the time we could.


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