Television studio rehearsal- Talent TV

Television studio rehearsal- Talent TV

Here is a rehearsal from the 7th of may, the main issue we had with this run through was that not all the VT’s were finished so we couldn’t see what the real thing would look like and not everyone was rehearsed enough so not everything was as smooth as it could of been. This shows as the presenters at times seem nervous and unsure of what they’re saying and at certain points are speaking into the wrong camera.


Television module- my development and contribution

In terms of my contribution within the group I feel I have played a significant part in being the producer. I believe I have helped keep the group on track with being in charge of booking out rehearsals, dictating what everyones roles should be and trying to keep everyone comfortable with their roles. In terms of what I have contributed I have helped with the set of the show, been apart of the production of the VT’s, by getting dancers to perform and actually help direct with the VT’s. I have also been apart of editing the VT’s, therefore overall I have been apart of all three pre-production, production and post-production. We still need to do a lot of rehearsing but feel we are very up to date with what we need to get done.

Research TV websites- “This morning”


This lay out of the website is very similar to a blog, its a simple background with all the information centred on the page. It is very easy to navigate round as everything has a clear title, the white/grey background makes the website nice to look at as its bright but also easy on the eyes. The banner at the top of the page gives the site a bit more of a personal feel without it looking too busy and messy. The banner also has a clear label of the title of the show, using the font used for the sequence used within the programme, this is ITV using brand reinforcement. In regards to the content of the information it shows teasers of whats coming up next in future shows, this way viewers will read this and hopefully be eager to learn more therefore will turn into the show. It also shows you what past shows have included with photos of the show in action.


The shows navigation is controlled by the bar of different pages you can click on at the top. Where for each different story on the show you can find a page with more information on. For example the “Food” page will show you all the recipes and instructions on how to make the food a special celebrity chef made on the show in the kitchen that day. That way viewers can try for themselves the meal that was shown on the show. Where as if the viewer were to click on the “Style and Beauty” page they would be taken to all the style tips shown that day, and all the outfits show on the catwalk that day with information on where they can buy these clothes from and how much it will cost them. They also have interactive videos where they will take you  step by step on how to create a hair do for example or any other beauty tips.

There is also a “Hot Topics” page where highlights from the show are discussed and shows footage/ photos of. Throughout every article on the website at the bottom there is always options to “Tweet” or “Share on FaceBook” this is constantly reinforcing audience interaction with the viewer and a good way of making the website more personal to them.

Overall the website is very viewer friendly, the layout is clear and the functional uses of the website are easy to use, the viewer is able to use the website in a variety of ways in order to suit them, I believe this is a very successful website and would like to replicate something similar when creating my own.

Rehearsals this week

This week has been our most productive yet we’ve managed to get both VT’s filmed and one is already edited, get the graphics sorted, with music to go with it. Set up both Facebook and Twitter pages for the show, and get the credits done for the ending of the programme. I’m really pleased with how everything is looking so far and really feel like everything is starting to fall into place. We had a 6 hour rehearsal slot in the television studio which I believe helped us lots too has we all need to practice our roles lots. Unfortunately not everyone turned up to these rehearsals despite the fact I had booked everything out we needed and posted on the Facebook wall just how important this was for us. However we still managed to get lots of work done without their help. I feel like the members that are participating are really jelling well together and I am starting to feel more confident about having our live Broadcast.

Audience interaction- “This Morning”

Throughout the programme “this morning” the show is constantly focused on the audience at home. The presenters are repeatedly telling us how to get involved making us an active audience. The show will always have some kind of competition, they generally last a week or two and then after the selected period of time the winner will be announced, the competitions vary in what they give away but it will always involve a simple general knowledge question or even just a simple text message being sent into the show with the message being “win”. The typical cost of these competitions are £1, and the viewer will be shown all of what they could win in a VT with often a special celebrity guest presenting the prize. This isn’t the only way they involve their audiences however after ever ‘story’ shown on the programme they ask the audience to tweet their opinions on the matter and then after the story they read out a selected few viewers thoughts. The way throughout the show the audience are constantly reminded that they view and opinion matter to them. We also have replicated this is our show we requests to know opinions, and asking for videos to be sent in showing their weird and wonderful talents as the show is based around different kinds of talents. I think this is a really successful way of growing your audience as the audience then feel more apart of the show and it becomes a lot more of a personal show to them, and the use of online media has made audience interaction much easier.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 19.10.50                         Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 19.40.13


Here is a page on their website where they have uploaded viewers videos sent into the show, the show on this day had a story on “Britain’s got Talent”, therefore they wanted viewers to send in videos of their talents, much like we do in our television broadcast. The photo of the right is also on the website where, the co presented “Jeff” reads out all the tweets picked by This Morning to show on the programme and the title is captioned “Jeff wants to hear from you” carrying on the theme of audience interaction into their website.

BBC3- axe or keep argument

Personally I would argue for the BBC to keep BBC3 on air as a television channel, I myself watch BBC3 daily and feel it would be a real shame to axe the channel. I believe the show is extremely successful in targeting its intended audience, of 15-34 year olds, as myself a 19 year old will often switch onto the channel and 9/10 won’t have to switch viewing as whatever the programme is will interest me. I believe that many would be affected by the change however when looking at the bigger picture with how fast technology is moving it may not be a devastating change for the BBC to only allow viewing online as for many this is most likely their preferred method of viewing anyway. I don’t feel that it would drastically change the viewing rates and in regards to the BBC needing to save £100 million maybe this is the best way of them getting that big sum of money. I do feel it would sadden many viewers if the channel were to be canceled however the viewers of the show would have the dedication and knowledge (as their a younger audience) to watch the channel and programmes of their choice online. Overall I feel that although it isn’t an ideal move for the BBC to make it in the long run would not make a huge impact on the BBC as a company therefore if it is what they need to do due to their cut backs in the grand scheme of things they should axe the channel.