12th May- studio rehearsal

12th May- studio rehearsal

Today’s rehearsals was one of our final ones before tomorrow broadcast. Comparing both last weeks and this weeks I believe you can see how much we have improved and the journey we have taken as a group, the show runs much more smoothly, the set looks much more professional and all VT’s are complete.


Television studio rehearsal- Talent TV

Television studio rehearsal- Talent TV

Here is a rehearsal from the 7th of may, the main issue we had with this run through was that not all the VT’s were finished so we couldn’t see what the real thing would look like and not everyone was rehearsed enough so not everything was as smooth as it could of been. This shows as the presenters at times seem nervous and unsure of what they’re saying and at certain points are speaking into the wrong camera.

This is my mozilla popcorn maker task, at first I found it a struggle to use as I was unfamiliar with the software. However I quickly learnt as the software isn’t at all complicated to use and doesn’t have too many features to play around with. This is something i found to to be quick frustrating as I could not be as creative as I would have liked to of been with this task. For this reason I believe this task to be least successful throughout all tasks completed as I felt limited with what I could manipulate and remix. However overall I feel confident with using the software even if I did not particularly like using it.

The tragic love story of Ping and Pong

The tragic love story of Ping and Pong

Often narratives follow the story of two people falling madly in love, then just when the couple are at the height of their happiness something goes drastically wrong, we are shown this classic series of events throughout many different films. As historical from Romeo and Juiliet to the many more modern cases.

We were set a task to follow this narrative and present it within a vine using ping pong balls, naturally we wanted to make this light hearted and entertaining for our audiences as the tasks didn’t need to much depth as it was inly allowed to be a short vine clip. We decided to use the growing popular game of ‘flappy bird’ for other base of the story as many audiences will be able to relate due to its current universal flight.

We decided to take the classic form of two people falling in love and the male being the bread winner, however pong does not want ping to take up his career as being a flappy bird due to the amount of danger he has to put himself in on a day to day basis. Pong becomes increasingly popular with his business spreading world-wide, until one day just went he thought he had it all, he dies during his set. Breaking so many but most importantly Pongs heart.

The story may not be a typical love story however the foundation of the narrative is, two people fall in love, think they have it all until tragically they love is destroyed by death.

Ping and Pong continued

However in the end miracles happen when Pong is brought back to life, he has been given a second chance and has learnt from his mistakes, the story ends happily as the two live happily every after. Through this sudden miracle our narrative now follows the theory of Todorov’s equilibrium, dis-equilibrium, new equilibrium, pong is now a changed man and the moral of the story is don’t think you can have everything.



these are the vines we made in our groups as part of our interactive media activity, as ‘vine’ is a popular upcoming source of interactive media it is important for me as a student studying media to get involved with it. We first experimented with these two short vines, one about a gingerbread love story and the other about a christmas tree coming to life. We were only given a short while to produce these tasks and I myself had never used vine before and so found it useful to be set a task to play around with the media before given a set task that is marked.



When given the task I knew I wanted to create something to do with my main area of passion for films, horror. I combined what I believe to be some of the best horror chase scenes in the history of filming, I gathered footage from a range of different centuries in order to cover the development of the genre. The footage dates back to the 1980’s and ranges as modern as 2010. I found this task very useful for my own personal development as it enabled me to have to use software I never had before. Such as having to download YouTube clips through an online piece of software. I found it quite difficult to gather as much footage as I would of liked was not avaliable as the movies I had chosen are quite old there was not much variety, this meant that some of the clips I put in were not of the quality I would of liked, such as the Texas chainsaw massacre, 1987 chase scene.